Diploma in Psychology

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The Diploma in Psychology offers a comprehensive exploration of fundamental psychological principles and counseling techniques. Designed to provide a strong foundation, the program covers key areas such as Introduction to Psychology and Counseling, Child and Education Psychology, Personality Psychology, Motivation, Emotions, and Development Psychology. Additionally, students delve into Counseling Psychology, focusing on foundational concepts and practical applications. The curriculum includes a specialized study in Social Psychology, offering insights into the dynamics of human behavior within societal contexts. This diploma equips students with essential knowledge and skills for understanding, analyzing, and addressing psychological aspects across various domains, laying the groundwork for a meaningful journey into the field of psychology and counseling.

Course Content

Level 01

  • Introduction to Psychology and Counselling
  • Child and Education Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Motivation, Emotions, and Development Psychology
  • Counselling Psychology -I
  • Social Psychology